Credit holidays for liquidation? MP’s bill withdrawn, committee meeting canceled

Credit holidays for liquidation?  MP's bill withdrawn, committee meeting canceled

The Polish 2050 MP regarding credit holidays was withdrawn from the work of the Sejm. The meeting of the Public Finance Committee was also canceled.

Confusion surrounding the loan holiday project. The program introduced by the United Right government remains suspended for now. Decisions will have to wait until the new cabinet is announced.

Credit holidays withdrawn from the Sejm

The parliamentary project of extending the loan holidays, which was submitted to the Marshal’s Staff by the MPs of Poland 2050, assumed the possibility of suspending four installments (once a quarter) of a mortgage loan for the purchase of a flat during the year, if 40% of the loan was spent on servicing the loan. the borrower’s average household income in the last three months preceding the submission of the application.

However, according to the documents, the project was withdrawn and neither the Sejm nor the Parliamentary Public Finance Committee will deal with the Polish 2050 MPs’ proposal.

Credit holidays at the government’s discretion

The Marshal of the Sejm, Szymon Hołownia, commented on the matter at a press conference. – When it comes to credit holidays, from what I learned today from the heads of the clubs, the decision was made in terms of the substance in line with what we talked about in the wind farm act – that is, we leave these things at the disposal and decision of the future government – he said.

– A government will be in Poland in less than a week, one that will be empowered by a majority. Today is truly the moment when the Sejm should say: listen, we can wait this week, let the government make this decision responsibly – emphasized the marshal.

– So this is the decision of the club chairmen, I understand that this is the way it is going, no one will delay anything, because there must be a decision on credit holidays, but I think it is responsible, that the government will take responsibility for it as its own project and will present it to the House not as a solution that was left over from that government, but as one that this government wants to – as I say – most likely implement in a week’s time – said Hołownia.

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