EMFACE – non-invasive facial rejuvenation

EMFACE – non-invasive facial rejuvenation

BTL AESTHETICS has been specializing in the production and distribution of aesthetic medicine equipment for years. The company implements innovative technologies thanks to which patients of aesthetic medicine clinics in over 80 countries around the world can fulfill their dreams of an attractive appearance and enjoy life to the fullest.

For the last decade, the prevailing canon of beauty has been a heart-shaped face with a tiny nose and prominent lips. Millions of women have used the help of aesthetic medicine doctors and fillers based on hyaluronic acid or fat to achieve features consistent with this aesthetic. Recently, trends have started to change. Instead of a heart-shaped face with a small nose and full lips and cheeks, we begin to value slim, long faces with a clearly defined jawline.

Regardless of changing beauty “ideals”, one thing remains unchanged – we want to look young and feel good in our skin. Preferably using the least invasive procedures possible.

All these needs are met by the new BTL EMFACE® treatment. No pain, no recovery period, no needles. EMFACE® uses the energies of synchronized RF and HIFES® simultaneously to reach all layers of the face; skin, fascia, connective tissue and facial muscles. Thanks to this, we achieve a lifting effect – the cheeks are lifted and the jawline is nicely slimmed. At the same time, the skin texture improves and wrinkles become shallower.

How does the EMFACE® device work?

The aging process is multidimensional. With age, muscle sagging and loss of volume occur, including facial muscles, which, combined with the loss of collagen and skin elasticity, leads to the appearance of wrinkles, a decrease in skin firmness and changes in the facial oval.

To affect both the skin and muscles, the EMFACE® device uses two technologies, synchronized radiofrequency (RF) and HIFES®, operating simultaneously. Energy is delivered using applicators placed on the face. Most patients use three disposable applicators, one on the forehead and one on each cheek. Monopolar radio wave rejuvenates and thickens the skin. It uses heat to stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin fibers in the dermis. In this way, the thermal action of RF produces a lifting effect.

The heat spreads up to the chin, slimming the oval of the face. The condition of the skin is just one of the elements that contribute to a youthful appearance. Muscles support the skin, as if it were a structural element. And it is their density and quality that are improved by the HIFES® technology. The HIFES® technology used in the EMFACE® device is designed specifically to target small, delicate facial muscles. It selectively causes contractions in the muscles responsible for maintaining a nice oval. These are the zygomatic major and minor muscles, the laughing muscle and the frontalis muscle. As a result of the therapy, the aging process is reversed and skin support is improved.

Advantages of the EMFACE® treatment

The combination of a synchronized radio wave and HIFES® technology gives a face and skin lifting effect – the eyebrow arches and corners of the mouth are lifted, and the facial contour and cheekbones are better defined. The results were confirmed by clinical trials. After a series of treatments, patients experienced a 30% increase in muscle tension, a 37% reduction in wrinkles, twice as many elastin fibers and 26% more collagen, and a 23% facial skin lifting effect.

  • The procedure is painless. Only pleasant, relaxing warmth and tingling caused by muscle activity are felt.

  • Apart from placing the applicators in precisely defined places on the face, the procedure does not require the involvement of the operator, the EMFACE® device is maintenance-free.

  • The treatment is short, the session lasts 20 minutes.

  • The recommended series, after which one look in the mirror is enough to see the effects, is four treatments.

  • No recovery period required. After the treatment, the skin may be slightly pink.

  • The difference in skin tension is visible after the first treatment, but the collagen remodeling process takes about two months and we have to wait that long for the final effect.

EMFACE® can be an alternative to fillers and botulinum toxin. However, it is also a treatment for patients who regularly use aesthetic medicine.

Double chin reduction

A new feature is a specially designed applicator for the chin, which enables the reduction of excess fat tissue located in this area and an increase in the tension of the chin muscles and skin. The synchronized RF+ and HIFES® technology used in the new applicator uniformly heats the tissues, inducing fat apoptosis, which leads to the reduction of a double chin.


Although the EMFACE® treatment is painless, the device is equipped with a discomfort button that allows the patient to signal at any time that he wants to stop the procedure, e.g. if the heat becomes too intense.

The treatment consists of 125 cycles of muscle stimulation during 20 minutes of therapy. In the first stage, only the forehead muscles are stimulated, then the forehead and cheeks, then only the cheeks. After a pause, the cycle starts again.

Most of us have heard of or used devices that strengthen muscles and sculpt the body without the need for tedious exercise. The similarity of the names also gives us a clear association. Indeed, BTL EMFACE® works on a similar principle to body shaping devices, but it has been specially developed with delicate facial muscles in mind. Adapting the technology to the much smaller facial muscles and anatomy required a lot of research and testing. The result is a device that emits radio waves to remodel the skin while strengthening the underlying muscles with HIFES® energy. Results? Improved skin tension, wrinkle reduction and visible lifting, without pain and recovery period.

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