Donald Tusk responds to criticism. “We are finishing the cleaning and speeding up”

Donald Tusk responds to criticism.  "We are finishing the cleaning and speeding up"

Donald Tusk has been prime minister for almost 100 days. The head of government responded to accusations that his cabinet has not introduced many changes so far.

This week marks 100 days since Donald Tusk became prime minister. For Law and Justice, this is an opportunity to criticize the government of the KO, Third Way and Left coalition. – These 100 days are an extremely important moment. They have always been held accountable to those in power in an appropriate manner, and I hope that now they will be held accountable for what they did not do. I encourage you to take part in a real boxing fight, not the freak fight that is proposed to us, said Mateusz Morawiecki.

– This power has some specific features. Someone used the term “kings of lies”, and the matter is really serious. This is not a matter of ad hoc, one election campaign, but of the method of governance. A method that does not fit into the very broadly understood canon of democracy, added Jarosław Kaczyński.

100 days of Tusk. The Prime Minister responds to criticism

Donald Tusk decided to respond to the accusations of PiS politicians. In a post on social media, the Prime Minister listed what problems his government had to solve after taking power.

“They left us with a record debt, ubiquitous corruption, depraved media, partisan prosecutor's office, chaos in the courts, thousands of relatives and friends in companies, mess in agriculture, discredited diplomacy, a vetoing president and a partisan member of the National Bank of Poland,” the head of government enumerated. “We are finishing the clean-up and accelerating,” added the Prime Minister, responding to allegations that his cabinet had not introduced many changes during 100 days of rule.

Donald Tusk harshly about Jarosław Kaczyński

Earlier, after the government meeting, the Prime Minister referred to the words of Jarosław Kaczyński. – When I hear such words as “kings of lies” from the mouths of Mr. Jarosław Kaczyński or Mariusz Błaszczak, when I see Mr. Mateusz Morawiecki standing next to me, nothing else comes to my mind, only one statement: we have been dealing with servants of lies and corruption for eight years. – said the head of government.

— One of our 100-day commitments was to settle this shameless theft, although not everyone noticed the theft that was taking place. Each day that follows will show you the scale of this theft and shamelessness of this team that today has the nerve to formulate such epithets against me and my colleagues – added Donald Tusk.

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