Is there a chance for faster payment from KPO? Unofficially: Von der Leyen will come to Poland

Is there a chance for faster payment from KPO?  Unofficially: Von der Leyen will come to Poland

The payment of nearly EUR 7 billion (PLN 30.3 billion), which is the first tranche from the National Reconstruction Plan, was not to take place at the beginning of April, as announced. However, von der Leyen’s probable visit to Poland may change everything.

RMF FM reports that “the end-of-February deadline for assessing the first tranche of the KPO is to be met.” Earlier, the station’s website unofficially reported that Warsaw and Brussels would not be able to reach an agreement before the deadline, which will soon pass.

Will the EC issue an opinion by the end of February?

– There is no exact answer yet as to how these so-called milestones. As of today, there is no agreement yet (…) on what Poland should do and how to fulfill the so-called milestones – an anonymous informant told RMF FM a few days ago.

Therefore, it was expected that this date would be postponed. It is worth adding that then not only Poland would be the country that would have to agree to such a scenario. It is worth adding, however, that after the EC’s decision, the EU Council will also issue another opinion.

But what is it about these so-called milestones? This is about reforming the disciplinary system of judges, i.e. liquidating the Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court and replacing it with another body, as well as clarifying the scope of disciplinary liability of judges, and the reforms require changes by law.

Unofficially: The President of the European Commission will probably visit Poland

RMF FM journalists reported on February 19 that a meeting between the head of government, Donald Tusk, and Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Commission, may help in meeting the deadline. Everything indicates that von der Leyen will come to Poland, although at the moment no one wants to confirm it, but no one denies it, and the radio talked to a high-ranking Polish diplomat about this matter. RMF FM points to the visit of the President of the European Commission to Kiev, which is scheduled for February 24. Perhaps he will visit Poland along the way.

KPO is money paid to EU countries as part of the economic recovery program after the coronavirus pandemic. Poland is to receive a total of EUR 59.82 billion (PLN 261.4 billion), including EUR 25.28 billion (PLN 110.4 billion) in the form of grants and EUR 34.5 billion (PLN 151 billion) in the form of preferential loans.

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