Lower Silesian church put up for sale. We know the starting price

Lower Silesian church put up for sale.  We know the starting price

An unusual offer appeared on one of the real estate websites. It is possible to purchase a 16th-century church dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel. According to the advertiser, the building would work well as, for example, a wedding hall.

16th century historic stone church dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel is located in Okrzeszyn (Lower Silesia), just 30 meters from the border with the Czech Republic.

The historic church is located in a picturesque area, between the Karkonosze Mountains on the one hand, and the Wałbrzych Sudetes and the Owl Mountains on the other.

Church for sale. The starting price is PLN 800,000. zloty

The church – according to Polsat News – was built in 1580-85, then in 1736 it was rebuilt. However, it was not the first religious building built in this place. More than two centuries before its construction, in 1352, the church was built there by Cistercians from Krzeszów. The building has not survived to modern times. The last sacrament in the church of St. Michael the Archangel was celebrated in 1945. The building has been abandoned since then. At some point it passed into private hands.

The building may soon change its owner, as the current manager has put it up for sale for PLN 800,000. PLN (the amount is negotiable).

Will the church become a wedding hall?

The advertisement posted on one of the real estate websites emphasizes that the church is made of stone, has a single nave, has a separate chancel, a wooden ceiling and a gable roof. The advertiser points out that the building has excellent acoustics, so musical events can be organized there. Moreover – as indicated in the advertisement – it could ideally serve as a conference, banquet and wedding hall.

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