“Indiscretions to Listen to.” Fatal consequences of overuse X. Tusk's mistake in Wrocław

“Indiscretions to Listen to.”  Fatal consequences of overuse X. Tusk's mistake in Wrocław

What resulted from Jacek Protasiewicz's Sunday activity on social media? Why is PO disappointed with the results of the local elections? What mistake did Donald Tusk make in Wrocław? Who will become the head of the Ministry of State Assets if the current minister, Borys Budka, wins the mandate of an MEP? We talk about this and other issues in the podcast “Parliamentary indiscretions to listen to”.

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Jacek Protasiewicz, former MP of PSL-Polish Coalition, Last year, Szymon Hołownia, a candidate for the Sejm from the Third Way list, i.e. the PSL and Poland 2050 coalition, attracted public attention with his activity on the X platform (formerly Twitter). His entries, although they started innocently, about Sunday dinner, quickly became offensive, vulgar and even homophobic. The implications of this behavior turned out to be very serious.

First of all, Protasiewicz immediately lost the position of deputy voivode of Lower Silesia, which he took up only in January this year. In addition, it hindered the campaign of Izabela Bodnar, the candidate of the Third Way for the president of Wrocław, who until Protasiewicz's online displays had a good chance of taking this position. And this, in turn, was a chance for Protasiewicz himself to return to the Sejm, because he would take the mandate offered by MP Bodnar.

Jacek Sutryk, Izabela Bodnar's rival in this year's elections for the president of Wrocław, he immediately took advantage of the scandal surrounding Protasiewicz's entries to attack the Third Way candidate. Memes with the image of Protasiewicz and the question: “Do you want him to return to the Sejm” appeared on the Internet?

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