The Confederation MP is fed up with the Last Generation. Did he go too far with this movie?

The Confederation MP is fed up with the Last Generation.  Did he go too far with this movie?

Ryszard Wilk from Konfederacja does not hide his unfavorable attitude towards climate activists from the Last Generation. However, some Internet users claim that this time he overdid it.

On Tuesday, April 23, MP Ryszard Wilk posted a fragment of the comedy series “Bellas Artes” on his Facebook profile. This is a Spanish production about the director of an art museum in Madrid, who, according to the description, “encounters a whole range of different circumstances and conflicts.”

MP Wilk and a sharp “joke” with activists

The problem is that the cut-out fragment of the Confederation's policy was captioned: “The Last Generation versus the art lover.” In a fragment of the series, we see a man shooting with a firearm at activists who, as part of a protest, threw paint on a painting in his museum.

It does not take a particularly thorough interpretation to see in the politician's post a suggestion of a violent solution to the issue of climate activists and the Last Generation. Although of course it can only be treated as a joke, some Internet users believe that the MP exaggerated. In their opinion, such activity is simply inappropriate for a parliamentarian.

However, more people commented positively, supporting the MP and criticizing the activists. “Now let's imagine a similar situation, but instead of an outraged art lover, we have a zealous follower of the Mosaic faith, and instead of hooligans with paint, we will have a hooligan with a fire extinguisher,” wrote one of the politician's fans.

Climate activists are looking for allies

Photos from the Last Generation's April protest included an appeal to join the cause and a collection was announced. “Join those taking action against climate collapse. The next meeting will be on Thursday, April 18, at 6 p.m. at Krucza 17,” activists wrote on Facebook.

In the link to the event, we could read a few more sentences about the group's goals. “We are the first generation to live with access to full knowledge about the climate crisis, and at the same time the last generation that still has a chance to stop its worst effects,” activists emphasized.

“We need people to stand up. We meet to talk about our plans, values ​​and community. And we will answer the most important question – how to act in the face of a disaster? – they added, announcing a meeting at Krucza Street in Warsaw.

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