Two shark attacks in 90 minutes. Three people were injured

Two shark attacks in 90 minutes.  Three people were injured

A 45-year-old woman and two teenage girls were attacked by sharks on two beaches in Florida. Both accidents occurred within just 90 minutes.

Two disturbing accidents occurred on the southeastern coast of the United States. On Watersound Beach and Seacrest beaches, less than 7 kilometers apart, sharks attacked three beachgoers within 90 minutes. A 45-year-old woman and two teenagers were taken to hospital, and both swimming areas were temporarily closed. Walton County authorities and experts will investigate the unusual incident.

Two shark attacks in 90 minutes

American media reported over the weekend about an unusual event that occurred on Friday at two beaches in Walton County. The swimming pools, located less than seven kilometers from each other, became the scene of a horror movie. The nightmare began at Watersound Beach around noon, where a 45-year-old woman swimming in the ocean with her husband was unexpectedly attacked by a shark. Less than 90 minutes later, at Seacrest Beach, a predator injured two teenage girls who were on the shore with a group of friends.

The adult woman was transported to hospital by helicopter and remains in critical condition. The victim suffered serious abdominal and pelvic injuries, and her arm was amputated. The teenagers were bitten on their arms, legs and feet and were also taken to the ward. After the attacks, it was decided to temporarily close both swimming areas.

Sharks are attacking more and more often

Experts warn that the number of shark attacks is increasing every year. The problem is especially visible in Florida, where as many as 36 unprovoked shark attacks took place in 2023, which is responsible for more than half of the incidents in the world. Scientists indicate that one of the reasons for the increased activity of predators on the east coast of the United States may be the increase in water temperature resulting from global warming, as well as the growing seal population. Walton County authorities will also look into the matter to see if the shark attacks occurring in quick succession may have another cause.

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