Trails in the Tatra Mountains for cyclists. Tourists have plenty to choose from

Trails in the Tatra Mountains for cyclists.  Tourists have plenty to choose from

Fans of two wheels can visit these places without any worries. The list includes, among others: the popular Chochołowska Valley.

Are you dreaming of a bicycle trip in the Polish mountains? The Tatra National Park met the needs of two-wheel fans and recorded a video explaining exactly which roads are open to cyclists. The list is missing, among others: the popular route to Morskie Oko. However, you will find many other picturesque trails there.

Bicycle trails in the Tatra Mountains

You can explore the Tatra Mountains in many different ways, not only on foot. An electric bus will take us to Morskie Oko, which has just started testing on a popular route (people with disabilities have priority to board). We can get to the top of Kasprowy Wierch by cable car, and to the Slovak side of the mountain range by train. It turns out that many trails in the Tatra National Park can also be accessed by bike. A recording has been made available on the park's official YouTube channel that will help fans of two-wheel riding plan a mountain trip. “The Tatra National Park is visited by nearly 4 million people a year. Tourists have extensive infrastructure at their disposal, including: hiking trails. Some of the trails are also available for cycling,” we hear in the film.

Chochołowska Valley and many others

The most popular place where we can ride a bike is the Chochołowska Valley, the longest and largest in the Polish Tatra Mountains. A section from Siwa Polana to the shelter in Polana Chochołowska is available for cyclists. Cyclists can also ride on the over 10-kilometer-long Droga pod Reglami, running from Wielka Krokiew in Zakopane to Siwa Polana. “A large section of the route has a sandy and rocky surface. It is not demanding, but due to the terrain, mountain biking is recommended,” advises the expert. You can also get from Kuźnice to Kalatówki by bike – this short route is characterized by a large difference in elevation and is recommended for cyclists with really good strength and condition. The remaining places for two-wheelers are the routes from the Suchej Woda Valley to Brzeziny, to the Murowaniec Shelter in Hala Gąsienicowa, as well as the roads between Małe Ciche and Zażadnia and Murzasihl, and from Zgorzelisko to Tarasówka. It is worth remembering that the trail to Morskie Oko has been closed to cyclists since 1997 due to the large number of pedestrians.

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