Difficulties in the mountains. The famous attraction will be closed until the end of November

Difficulties in the mountains.  The famous attraction will be closed until the end of November

The cableway used by many tourists will undergo the necessary technical inspection. Therefore, it will only operate on weekends. It will not be possible to use it during the week.

Autumn is not only a perfect time to go to the mountains, but also the time when the local infrastructure is improved. There are no crowds on the trails at this time, and the weather conditions are favorable for robots. It is therefore not surprising that at this moment, for example, the renovation of one of the trails to Babia Góra is planned, which will not be open to tourists until October 28. Fortunately, tourists have the opportunity to use other routes, which allow you to climb Diablak in about 2 hours and enjoy extraordinary views from its peak, as well as excellent impressions along the way.

However, this is not the end of the difficulties. It turns out that on October 16, the technical inspection of one of the cable cars in the Silesian Beskids began. We are talking about a popular tourist attraction thanks to which you can get to Czantoria. Unfortunately, this work will take longer.

Closed cableway to Czantoria

Information that will certainly upset tourists has appeared on the website of the cable railway leading to Czantoria. Especially since it concerns an inspection carried out in autumn – that is, during the period of increased interest in the Beskid peaks.

“We would like to remind you that a technical inspection is underway from October 16, 2023. Until November 23, 2023, the railway will be open only on weekends: in October from 08:30 to 16:30, and in November from 08:30 to 15:30,” it was written on the Facebook profile dedicated to the railway.

Czantoria Wielka is a large junction of tourist trails. They lead to Czantoria Mała, Soszów Wielki, Stożek and Tuł. The Main Beskid Trail also runs through it. Kazimierz Sosnowski.

Czantoria – a popular peak in the Silesian Beskids

The highest peaks of the Silesian Beskids are Skrzyczne (1257 m above sea level) and Barania Góra (1215 m above sea level), while in the Czech part Czantoria Wielka (995 m above sea level).

Czantoria is a border peak between Poland and the Czech Republic. Many people like to go hiking to this peak, but some also use the cable car, which has been operating here since 1967. The upper station of the investment is located in the Stokłosica glade, at an altitude of 851 m above sea level. It is open all year round, unless technical inspections are involved, such as the one just announced. The Czantoria Cable Railway is a generational place. Four-person, comfortable railway seats take thousands of hikers to the upper parts of the Beskid Mountains. In winter, skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts can use the longest ski slopes in the Beskids.

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