Iga Świątek does not fully understand this. She made an honest comment

Iga Świątek does not fully understand this.  She made an honest comment

Iga Świątek will soon start competing in WTA Montreal, but even before that happened, we witnessed an intriguing story with a tennis player in the lead role. Raszynianka eloquently commented on the fact that she had recently played with her mouth sealed. “I don’t quite understand it,” she said.

The US Open is fast approaching, and the period leading up to this Grand Slam tournament is extremely intense for top tennis players. Of course, this group also includes Iga Świątek, who will soon take part in WTA Montreal. Preparations are underway, and the training staff of the world’s first racket has recently come up with an interesting training method for it. The Polish woman practiced on the court with her mouth taped.

Iga Świątek about playing with her mouth taped

The confusion about this topic arose when photos of Świątek with tape over her mouth circulated on social media. The surprise was huge and it seems that the tennis player herself shares it.

“I don’t quite understand it either.” It’s harder to breathe only through the nose. This causes the heart rate to increase significantly. I think it has something to do with building endurance, but I can’t really explain it. I am not an expert – she admitted during a meeting with media representatives. But she was right. The method she used is designed to make her achieve even better performance results with increased effort.

Iga Świątek’s observations after an unusual training

The general conclusion from this topic was that the Rasinian woman has full confidence in her coaching staff, even if some training methods seem strange. Like this one for example. Iga Świątek believes that if something has a chance to bring good results, she is not afraid to try.

– However, sometimes I don’t understand some of the recommendations, but I’ve been doing this for a long time. It was pretty easy, though there was definitely a difference. With tape over your mouth, everything gets harder. It’s probably a way to improve my endurance without forcing me to run fast or perform extreme effort, described Iga Świątek.

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