Problems with broadcasting the Poland-Netherlands match. The head of TVP Sport gave the reason

Problems with broadcasting the Poland-Netherlands match.  The head of TVP Sport gave the reason

Around 3:00 p.m., Telewizja Polska recorded a hacker attack carried out from IP addresses located in Poland. Due to this, there were problems with the broadcast of the match against the Netherlands.

Already at the beginning of the Poles' first match at Euro 2024, users complained about problems with the broadcast of the match. “2024, and the level of broadcasting is the same as in the 1990s.” – wrote one of the disappointed viewers. X users reported that the match could not be watched on the website or app.

Problem with the TVP Sport application. “I can apologize to the fans”

The director of TVP Sport announced that the hacker attack on the television servers began around 3 p.m.

“After less than a minute, we started taking action in cooperation with national operators, which led to the mitigation of the attack. IT services have restored services,” he wrote. “For my part, I can apologize to all fans who lost the opportunity to follow the beginning of the broadcast on the Internet,” added Jakub Kwiatkowski. Some users, however, did not believe this translation and wrote that TVP Sport was not prepared for the great interest in the match.

DDoS involves attacking a computer system or network service from multiple computers at the same time. DdoS attacks intensified with the beginning of Russian military operations in Ukraine. Separate actions of hackers supporting Russia are also observed in other countries allied to Ukrainians. In 2022, a strong hacker attack of this type was carried out on the Senate of the Republic of Poland

The Polish national team entered the match against the Netherlands after winning two friendly matches – against Ukraine (3:1) and Turkey (2:1). After an exciting match, Michał Probierz's players lost 1:2. On June 21, our team will play against Austria in Berlin, and on June 25 against France in Dortmund. All Polish matches at Euro 2024 can be watched on TVP1, TVP Sport and on the Internet.

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