Blue crabs are devastating, so they’ll be on the restaurant menu. Such a delicacy they want in Italy

Blue crabs are devastating, so they'll be on the restaurant menu.  Such a delicacy they want in Italy

Some places in the world serve very exotic dishes. Some of them are controversial, but they still find their fans. Recently, there is a lot of talk about the fact that blue crabs will appear on plates in Italy. There are too many of them, so they will start to cook them.

Blue crabs present in Italy are a very big problem. They are dangerous to the ecosystem and wreak havoc. By nature, they eat everything, so they can cause damage on many levels. To get rid of the pests, it was proposed that they make a dish out of them, sold in local restaurants.

Blue crabs on plates in Italy. Such attractions will be waiting for tourists

We have already informed many times about unusual dishes served in popular places around the world. One of the high-profile dishes was broth with crocodile body parts. Although for some everything looked disgusting and was hailed as Godzilla Ramen, for others it was an amazing and delicious attraction. What about blue crabs from Italy?

Omnivorous creatures live mainly in the Mediterranean Sea. Blue crab dishes are to be served in restaurants in Veneto, Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany. This decision was made thanks to the support of the government – the latter, under a decree, allocated 2.9 million euros to fight the blue pest.

It turns out that the creatures are a new species of crustaceans, native to the Atlantic. Their disadvantage is e.g. the fact that they multiply at an express pace and it is difficult to get rid of them. The best solution turns out to be catching them for food purposes.

Blue is supposed to have a good promotion in gastronomy

Although blue crab dishes are to be sold in Italy only in the future, they are already very popular. If you are going to visit this country, don’t be surprised by the unusual item on the menu. Tourists can especially be encouraged to try the specialty. It is to reign mainly in the north of the country.

Blue crabs are a source of vitamin B12, which is responsible for supporting proper metabolism and energy production in cells, so we are talking about a healthy delicacy. It is these properties that are to become the main theme of product advertising. Are you ready for such a regional delicacy?

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