IT job Wrocław – what can juniors expect?

IT job Wrocław – what can juniors expect?

The high demand for IT specialists means that even beginners should have no problems finding employment quickly. It is worth paying attention to the labor market in Wrocław. In this region, juniors can count on offers in various IT areas, including programming, data analysis and testing. Find out more about job offers dedicated to beginners!

Numerous job offers for beginner testers

In the capital of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship there is a great demand, among others, for testers. Potential employers are mainly looking for people with IT education or graduates of other sciences, although there are also offers that do not take education into account. Juniors can expect to be expected to have knowledge of specific technologies. Very often, employers also expect knowledge of basic programming languages, such as C, C++ or Python. Some job offers also include requirements regarding the ability to use selected tools and platforms, such as Azure, Ecu-Test or Bash. It is worth emphasizing that for many employers, knowledge of English is also a priority.

Do you dream of starting a career in the modern technology sector? IT job Wrocław is waiting for you! Check out the latest offers and learn about the requirements of potential employers!

Wrocław – job offers for beginner programmers

Beginner programmers also have a chance to quickly get a job in Wrocław. Employers especially value candidates who are fluent in at least two programming languages. The most frequently appearing advertisements include offers dedicated to people with knowledge of technologies such as Python, JavaScript, Java, SQL, HTML, C or C++. Many employers also expect the ability to use specific frameworks and libraries. Candidates for the position of FullStack Developer or DevOps Developer can expect the highest rates – in many cases, the salary exceeds PLN 10,000 gross. Slightly lower rates are offered to juniors working in the front-end or back-end area.

Offers for juniors in Wrocław – what advertisements dominate?

In addition to offers for testers and programmers, juniors can also count on work in other IT sectors. Among the most frequently appearing advertisements, it is worth mentioning offers dedicated to beginner data analysts. IT companies often recruit for the position of Junior Data Engineer. Requirements for potential candidates usually include knowledge of SQL and MySQL, as well as Python and Apache. Beginning IT specialists can also get a job in Wrocław in IT Support or as IT Architects.

What terms of cooperation do employers in Wrocław offer to juniors?

Juniors looking for an IT job in Wrocław can decide to cooperate based on various forms of employment. The advertisements are dominated by a standard employment contract, but many companies offer potential candidates to conclude a B2B contract or mandate contract. It is also worth paying attention to frequently appearing offers that include remote or hybrid modes of performing professional duties. It should be emphasized that beginner IT specialists can count on many additional benefits in Wrocław. The most frequently offered non-wage benefits include access to private medical care, an insurance package or subsidies for sports activities. Many employers also guarantee flexible working hours.


If you want to start a career in the IT industry, pay attention to the wide selection of offers from Wrocław that are dedicated to juniors. Remember that people who are fluent in at least two programming languages ​​have the greatest chance of quickly finding employment. You can choose to work as a tester, developer, data analyst or administrator. When browsing specific offers, pay attention not only to the proposed remuneration, but also to additional non-wage benefits.

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