I found pink mushrooms in a Polish forest. They better not end up in the cart

I found pink mushrooms in a Polish forest.  They better not end up in the cart

They are small and surprise with their color: candy, light pink among the red leaves looks exceptionally beautiful. Pink mushrooms, however, are better just watched. Pink mushrooms are poisonous.

I love pink mushrooms and I always look for them in the Beech Forest (West Pomeranian Voivodeship), where I live. And I always take out my phone to take a photo of them. They look especially beautiful after rain, when they shine in the leaf litter. The sweet, pink color is a deception. Although mushrooms in this color are particularly charming (my nieces are always eager to look for them), you should not collect them.

Pink mushrooms are easy to find in the forest

The pink mushroom is quite a common species in Polish forests, it is easiest to spot it in deciduous forests (but not only). Now Asia (who introduces herself as “mushroomed Asia”), the author of a popular profile about mushrooms on Instagram – @wpadac_w_grzyboholizm, has also shared her photos of pink mushrooms. She found her pink mushrooms in the Zakrzewski Forest in Greater Poland.

“After the recent rains, the forest has bloomed. (…) Colorful everywhere. Not only because of the autumn leaves of the trees, but also because of the great variety of mushrooms. So many wonderful species have come to life. Every stump is covered with a whole lot of mushrooms. You can find many mushrooms in the forest. species of mushrooms that grow in large numbers. Unfortunately, I can only distinguish a few species of mushrooms. Mycena rosa is one of them. My forest is full of it. It is a beautiful pink mushroom. It can be found in all types of forests,” she wrote.

Poisonous pink mushroom

Although the color may be encouraging (and even the smell – because pink mushrooms smell similar to… radish), you need to know that pink mushrooms are classified as poisonous mushrooms and are considered hallucinogenic. The muscarine they contain can quickly cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, severe sweating, but also vision disorders and breathing difficulties.

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