This is what Cher’s unique house in Malibu looks like. For $75 million you can live like her

This is what Cher's unique house in Malibu looks like.  For $75 million you can live like her

Cher lived in this house for over 25 years. Now she is ready for a change of scenery and a unique estate in Malibu, called “a villa worthy of a legend”, is up for sale.

The singer had a plan to sell the estate back in 2013. However, she quickly withdrew the villa from the market after reports emerged that Beyonce and Jay-Z intended to buy it. However, the rumors did not come true.

Last year, Cher showcased her unique home, designed especially for her, in Architectural Digest and in videos on the magazine’s social media. Shortly after, the villa appeared on the market for USD 85 million. Due to the lack of interested parties, the price has now been reduced by as much as USD 10 million.

Cher bought the house in 1989 for $2.95 million. Its interiors are inspired by impressive European residences, including a Venetian palace or the Spanish Alhambra in the Moorish style. The house is located on a bluff above Amarillo Beach. It was renovated for over five years – the process was completed in 1999.

Behind the high wall, residents are greeted by a driveway with 40 palm trees and an octagonal fountain, which is the central part of the courtyard. The car garage is hidden beneath the south end of the tennis court, which overlooks the ocean.

Cher’s villa is filled with treasures

The villa is filled with limestone and marble, imported from Italy and France. It has a hand-forged bronze door, and the tiles we see come from Spain and Morocco. An 18th-century Venetian marble balustrade was purchased from the collection of William Randolph Hearst in San Simeon, and the living room’s coffered ceiling was hand-painted using gold leaf stencils and tea stain. The interior design of the house combines the atmosphere of a sanctuary, theater and monastery. It is also filled with Asian works of art and other such treasures.

The master suite consists of a silk-lined bedroom, a meditation area, a hammam-style bathroom and two dressing rooms. Other noteworthy places in the house include, of course, an infinity pool, a white and bright kitchen, a modern home cinema and a gym – one outside, the other inside the house.

You can see all photos of the $75 million estate in our gallery.

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