How the richest Polish woman fights for the climate. “He takes a shower instead of a bath in the bathtub.”

How the richest Polish woman fights for the climate.  “He takes a shower instead of a bath in the bathtub.”

How does Dominika Kulczyk save our planet? He takes a shower instead of a bath in the bathtub – this is what was left from Thursday’s text by “Puls Biznesu”, which talked about how the richest Poles fight climate change. And so we go back 20 years in the perception of Polish entrepreneurs.

“Dominika Kulczyk limits bathing in favor of showering” – these were the first words of the lead in yesterday’s text in “Puls Biznesu”. And although the article contains specific examples of what Kulczykowa actually does for the climate, the text was in closed access. So you had to pay to read it. And since few people did it, people were satisfied with just the lead with the now famous sentence about what happens in the bathroom of the richest Polish woman.

The Internet was flooded with memes and malice that Dominika Kulczyk, apart from giving up a bathtub filled with 100 liters of water, does basically nothing more for the climate.

The lead with this sentence was even passed on by the journalists themselves, thus perpetuating the image of Dominika Kulczyk as a stupid, rich girl who thinks that she will take a shower and fix our planet. And she has PLN 7 billion in assets, so she could make a little more effort.

Few people said that today Kulczykowa’s biggest business is Polenergia, listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. It is one of the largest private investors in green energy in Poland. It has seven wind farms on land and wants to build two more at sea.

Few people said that they were building their own investment fund that would invest in technologies that solve important social problems. She spent her first money on the New York startup BioLite, which creates products for the African market. For example, a device that converts the heat of a fire into electricity. Profits are to be reinvested in aid projects for Africa and India.

Many people talked about Africa. Dominika Kulczyk was criticized for destroying the environment by extracting oil in the Niger Delta. We are talking about the Neconde company, in which her father invested years ago. But Jan Kulczyk sold his shares in Neconde shortly before his death in 2015. Neither Dominika nor Sebastian inherited them. Despite everything, it was impossible to explain to anyone that Dominika Kulczyk does not extract oil.

Few people talked about the foundation of the richest Polish woman, which, although it does not prevent climate change, fights its effects. It supports victims of typhoons, floods and earthquakes in the most remote corners of the earth.

Of course, it can be said that this entire foundation is one big PR, a smokescreen, and a joke, because Kulczykowa has her own program on TVN, where she talks about how it generously helps to promote herself a bit. Although I personally find it hard to believe that a 42-year-old mother of two children with billions of zlotys in her account wants to help children from Haiti just for the sake of fame.

I’m not writing about all this to praise Dominika Kulczyk. It is known that her family’s name still raises a lot of controversy due to her father’s business dealings with the state. It is known that she had many unfortunate interviews in which she said that a guy couldn’t impress her with a helicopter because she had her own, which showed that she herself was floating many meters above the ground. It is known that some of the accusations against her were completely absurd, such as the fact that she is a racist because, above all, she helps in Asia and Africa, and she should share equally with the inhabitants of all continents, so as not to discriminate against any nation, race or religion. .

I’m writing about all this because yesterday the richest Poles were once again hated. None of the journalists even tried to explain that Kulczyk does a little more than wash in the shower. In the afternoon, “Puls Biznesu”, probably seeing that the reception of their cover text went in a slightly unexpected, anti-business direction, unblocked the material so that people could read something more than just a lead about the baths of the richest Polish woman. But it was too late. Once again, the richest have been turned into greedy bloodsuckers for whom nothing else matters except the money in their wallet. And even if they do something for the climate, it is all unimportant and worthless, to be drowned in Dominika Kulczyk’s bathtub.

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