In Lidl, even half the price. The chain introduces the “I buy, I don’t waste” program

In Lidl, even half the price.  The chain introduces the "I buy, I don't waste" program

The Lidl chain introduces permanent discounts on products that are about to expire. The pilot program was very popular. It will now be available in all locations.

“I buy, I don’t waste” is the official name of the campaign launched by the Lidl chain throughout the country. So far, since the beginning of the year, it has been tested as part of a pilot program in several branches of the network. According to the company’s authorities, it brought very positive results.

Half the price

The promotion will certainly find many recipients. The chain will sell products that are approaching their expiry dates at half the price. The offer will include fresh meat, poultry, fish, refrigerated products, cakes and bread, i.e. food products most susceptible to spoilage. They will be sold until the last expiry date and can be found next to products with a longer expiry date. However, they will be clearly marked.

– At Lidl, we believe that a responsible company can do more. It can help and has a real impact on what is happening in our surroundings. Therefore, sustainable development is an integral part of the company’s strategy. Currently, “I buy, I don’t waste,” Lidl representatives said when launching the pilot program.

Data from Deloitte show that Poles waste 235 kg of food per person annually. In total, as much as 42 percent customers admit that they sometimes throw away food, and 35 percent of them do it several times a month. A lot of food is also wasted in stores – products that are expired or expire are mostly thrown into the trash. The Federation of Polish Food Banks reported that the most frequently thrown away products are bread, fruit, cold meats and vegetables.

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