Fire at the Polish seaside. As many as 12 tourist cottages burned down

Fire at the Polish seaside.  As many as 12 tourist cottages burned down

Summer houses on the Baltic Sea caught fire after the fire began to spread rapidly. The damage is very serious. How did this happen?

This incident had disastrous consequences. 12 summer houses available in Sarbinowo burned to ashes. The media was informed about the matter by the spokesman of the State Fire Service Headquarters in Szczecin, Brig. Tomasz Kubiak. Although firefighters arrived quickly, unfortunately not everything could be saved.

Fire at the Polish seaside. Cottages on fire

It all started after 3 a.m. from Monday to Tuesday. It was then that the officers heard disturbing signals. At ul. There was a serious fire in the southern part of Sarbinowo. Representatives of the Fire Service wrote on social media: “24 houses were burning on site, and when the first crews arrived, they were all engulfed in flames. The houses on the neighboring plot were also damaged, but firefighters saved them from burning down. We are talking about the so-called semi-detached houses that served tourists, among others on holiday.

Ultimately, 12 houses burned down and six were seriously damaged. Fortunately, there were no casualties or injuries. After tedious and difficult activities, the action was completed. On site appeared, among others: owner of a recreation center. Losses are being assessed.

Sarbinowo is a village located in Koszalin County, voivodeship. West Pomeranian Voivodeship. It is located near Ustronie Morskie and Mielno, and attracts many people from all over Poland. Although the inhabitants of the area usually lead a peaceful life – especially outside the tourist season – now they had to face a lot of stress. The fire was widely reported in the media. The loss of holiday homes is bad news not only for business owners, but also for people booking accommodation locally.

The photos from the fire are terrifying. This is what happened in Sarbinowo

Many photos from the night fire appeared on the official Facebook pages of the Municipal Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Koszalin and They show a disastrous sight, mainly clouds of smoke and fire. In the background there were a lot of fire trucks – about 7 units – and specially prepared rescuers. Everyone tried to contain the problem as quickly as possible and minimize losses.

Are the causes of the fire known? Unfortunately, the officers did not provide such detailed information. “This area was not monitored, so the officers are looking for witnesses of the incident, questioning local residents and checking if there are any other cameras in the area that could record something suspicious,” revealed the spokeswoman of the Koszalin City Police Headquarters.

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