The famous “Skieletor” is no longer scary. It has been waiting for renovation for 45 years!

The famous "Skieletor" is no longer scary. It has been waiting for renovation for 45 years!

Krakow’s “Szkieletor” – one of the most recognizable buildings in this city – has been renovated. The work was completed only after 45 years!

This is the Unity Tower building located at 2 Lubomirskiego Street in Krakow. Its construction began in 1975, but it was stuck at the stage of the skyscraper’s skeleton. The city’s inhabitants used to call it “Skeleton”. The not-so-flattering name reflected the actual situation – the building towered over the city and was terrifying with its construction.

At the beginning of its existence, this 92-meter-high giant was intended to serve as a building with numerous congress halls and commercial premises. However, the construction was suspended for economic reasons. However, in 2016, after many years of not using the skyscraper or sporadically using it to place banners on it, it ended up in the hands of builders. Years of work on completing the facade and bringing the building into usable condition brought the expected result.

Before and after

According to “Gazeta Krakowska”, the skyscraper was put into use at the beginning of October this year. It now houses an exclusive office building. A terrace was built on the top of the building, from which you can admire the panorama of the city. The owner is still considering how to use this space – reports “Gazeta Krakowska”. Krakowska”. There have been proposals to build a restaurant or a small museum there to remind the history of the building.

The old appearance of “Skeletor” has officially become history. And this is what he looked like a few years ago:

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