Testing cosmetics on animals. Europeans want to stop this practice

Testing cosmetics on animals.  Europeans want to stop this practice

Large cosmetic companies have returned to testing their products on animals. All because of loopholes in European law. The largest pro-animal organizations are collecting signatures among Europeans, which is to open a legal path to protect animals from this cruel practice.

The topic of testing cosmetics and components used in their production on animals is back on the agenda. Since 2004, the European Union has banned the testing of cosmetics on animals, and since 2009, also the testing of components for their production. Theoretically, it turns out that since the European Chemicals Agency issued new requirements for animal testing of ingredients that could be safely used by consumers, factories have started to ignore previous bans.

Fighting for animal rights

The largest pro-animal organizations in Europe – PETA, CFE, HSI, EFA and ECEAE – drew attention to this practice. They are collecting signatures for a petition online, which may open a legal path to protect animals from tests. There is a chance that the petition will lead to a legislative proposal outlining a plan to phase out all animal testing in the EU.

– Although the initiative was inspired by ECHA’s activities, the petition calls for a complete abandonment of the use of animals for testing in the EU – said the co-organizer of the initiative and president of the International Animal Movement Foundation “Viva!” Cezary Wyszyński.

Animal rights activists emphasize that nowadays, testing on animals is unnecessary because science uses computer modeling, organs on chips and the use of artificial tissues.

Sign the petition

“Just two weeks after the launch of the campaign in Poland, we already have over 45 percent. signatures required for our country! This shows how much support the petition’s demands have and gives us hope that its addressee – the European Commission will urgently work on implementing them – explained Wyszyński.

Cruelty-free cosmetics

Polish actress Julia Kamińska also got involved in the case. “If you are sensitive to animal harm, don’t necessarily watch the film, but be sure to sign the European Citizens’ Initiative ‘For cosmetics without cruelty to animals and a Europe without animal testing’ – there are very few signatures left,” he writes on Facebook.

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