Ice rink on the trail to the Five Ponds Valley. Warnings for tourists

Ice rink on the trail to the Five Ponds Valley.  Warnings for tourists

The Tatromaniak portal published photos on Facebook as a warning. Some of the popular trails are icy and the weather in the Tatra Mountains has become unpredictable. Better take care of yourself.

Autumn is, on the one hand, a favorite season among mountain hikers, but on the other hand, it is a period when the weather becomes capricious. Just a few weeks ago, you could walk in the Tatra Mountains in full sun and high temperatures. A few days ago we wrote that snow appeared in many places in the region.

Now weather conditions have become so unpredictable that appeals are being issued to tourists to protect them from danger. Over the last several dozen hours, a real ice rink has formed on some trails. Without proper preparation and equipment, you can even risk your life in such circumstances.

Icy trails in the Tatra Mountains

Not only the peaks of the Tatra Mountains, but also the Tatra valleys, which are located at high altitudes, are very popular in Poland. There are currently conditions in one of them that should make us ask ourselves whether it is worth going on a trip.

The road to the Five Ponds Valley is now icy in many places. This is proven by photos taken by Kuba Witos and shared on Tatromaniak’s profile.

“An ice rink on the trail to the Five Ponds Valley! In many places in the Tatra Mountains, ice forms, which significantly complicates movement. If you don’t have much experience, wait until conditions improve before making more ambitious decisions! – it was written under the photos, which show a thick layer of ice covering the road.

Remember, if you have not hiked in such conditions before and you do not have the appropriate equipment, it is better to postpone the hike until the day when the weather improves.

A series of dangerous events in the Tatra Mountains

Tourists who go to the Tatra Mountains should show imagination. The weather high in the mountains changes like a kaleidoscope and various phenomena may surprise us. Therefore, not only equipment is necessary, but also appropriate clothing. It is also worth checking the conditions on an ongoing basis and taking into account your own possibilities. A group of tourists who recently got stuck on Orla Perć found out how important it is. TOPR rescuers were called to the most difficult Tatra trail and brought the hikers safely from the mountains in the middle of the night. This situation could have ended in a much worse outcome.

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