Hołownia will not appoint Wąsik's successor? The Chancellery of the Sejm explains

Hołownia will not appoint Wąsik's successor?  The Chancellery of the Sejm explains

The Marshal of the Sejm does not rule out that Maciej Wąsik's seat will not be filled until the end of the term, Gazeta.pl reported. Szymon Hołownia allows for two possibilities in this matter.

At the beginning of March, Monika Pawłowska took the parliamentary oath in the Sejm and took over the mandate after Mariusz Kamiński. Not only has Maciej Wąsik's seat not been filled, but no decision has even been made to contact the National Electoral Commission to start the procedure.

Chancellery of the Sejm on Wąsik's mandate

The Marshal of the Sejm announced that any action in this matter would be preceded by a thorough analysis of the justification for the decision of the Chamber of Labor and Social Insurance of the Supreme Court. On this basis, it will decide whether another person should appear in parliament. – There are two possibilities: in correspondence with the National Electoral Commission, I will ask to indicate candidates to fill this mandate, and the second possibility is that the mandate will remain vacant – he said at the beginning of February.

Since then, no new information has emerged in the case. Now the Chancellery of the Sejm has confirmed in an interview with Gazeta.pl that Szymon Hołownia's position remains unchanged, and the decision will be made after analyzing the content of the justification for the ruling. “According to the Marshal of the Sejm, there is a possibility that Maciej Wąsik's parliamentary seat will remain vacant until the end of the term,” it added. However, it was assured that it expired when he lost the right to be elected.

Detention of PiS politicians

Law and Justice politicians stopped being MPs after they were sentenced in December last year in a final judgment in connection with the so-called land scandal. Eight years earlier, they were pardoned in this case by Andrzej Duda, in response to the first-instance court's ruling. The president maintained that his decision remained in force, but Wąsik and Kamiński were sent to prison.

While in custody, they both decided to go on a hunger strike. At the request of their wives, the head of state again initiated pardon proceedings and then pardoned the politicians. Kamiński and Wąsik claim that they are still MPs and intend to perform the duties arising from their parliamentary mandates.

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