Holland talks about PiS “burning briefcases”. “The opposition should use this time”

Holland talks about PiS "burning briefcases".  "The opposition should use this time"

PiS will use the coming two months to hide various inconvenient things and burn files, predicted Agnieszka Holland in an interview with “Rzeczpospolita”. The director also assessed that the election results were decided by young people who were “raised” by PiS against each other.

Agnieszka Holland, director of the famous film “Green Border”, commented on the results of the parliamentary elections in an interview with “Rzeczpospolita”. As she admitted, what she fears most is the “political tussle” in the coming years. – If we want PiS not to return to power quickly, the last eight years should be a guide for the entire political class and society. We need to change politics, create a new way of functioning in it, a new political narrative to avoid clashes and do our own thing, she said.

– Of course, PiS will use the coming two months to hide various inconvenient things, burn files and activate further fuses that they have already packed into the law. Therefore, the position should use this time as much as possible to build a government coalition and disarm the frauds of the current government, Holland predicted.

The director also drew attention to the record turnout, which exceeded 74 percent. She noted that turnout had increased “especially among young people.” – Youth decided on the result, and rightly so, because it is about their future. She is very aware. I witnessed many conversations around the headquarters of the electoral commission and an incredible awareness was evident. You could say that PiS raised young people, she said.

Holland: The government has overheated its propaganda

– The government thought that the referendum issue would be a good thing and would score a few points, but instead it overheated its propaganda, showed its disgusting face, and the effect is the opposite – she continued. – Of course, some people were fooled, just as they were fooled by the fact that Tusk is German and will sell at least half of Poland, and that Holland wants to stab Poland in the back and is acting on Putin’s orders, she added.

Holland also referred to the storm caused by her latest film, which was loudly criticized by PiS representatives, including the Prime Minister and the President. – I don’t remember any democratic country in the history, or even in the Polish People’s Republic, when all state authorities, including the president, launched a brutal, rude, even pogrom-like attack on one creator, in this case, a woman, and on one film, she said.

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