Germany restores controls on the border with Poland. They want to “stop the cruel practice”

Germany restores controls on the border with Poland.  They want to "stop the cruel practice"

Germany has reintroduced controls on the border with Poland for 10 days. It is possible that the situation will be extended for another two months. The aim is to fight illegal migration and smugglers who are “acting increasingly brutally”.

On Monday, October 16, the head of the German Interior Ministry, Nancy Faeser, notified the European Commission about temporary controls on the border with Poland, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and Austria. As explained, the aim is to further combat migrant smuggling and reduce illegal migration. Temporary border controls with Poland, the Czech Republic and Switzerland will take place for 10 days, with the possibility of extending them by two months. In the case of Austria, it was extended by half a year.

– Smugglers’ activities are becoming more and more brutal and unscrupulous. The terrible deaths of seven people smuggled across the German-Austrian border on Friday evening shocked us deeply. It is now necessary to take all possible measures to stop this cruel practice. At the same time, we need to effectively limit illegal migration to relieve the burden on our municipalities, explained the German Minister of the Interior

Germany is fighting illegal migration on the border with Poland

Faeser added that “the federal police can now flexibly use the entire package of stationary and mobile border protection measures, depending on the current situation.” German police are in close contact with neighboring countries. The head of the German Interior Ministry emphasized that “it is particularly important for her that the controls have the least possible impact on trade, travel and the everyday life of commuters.”

Faeser thanked the police for their strong commitment. – It is obvious that we want to return to internal borders as soon as possible, where we do not have to carry out controls. To achieve this, a common European asylum system with comprehensive protection of the European Union’s external borders is a decisive step. We now need to finalize EU legislation in this area, she concluded.

German police counter smuggling routes

German police operations will be carried out along smuggling routes, depending on the situation. Third-country nationals applying for protection will be transferred to reception centers for examination of their asylum cases and possible transfer to other EU countries in accordance with the so-called Dublin Regulation.

By October 2023, the German police recorded approximately 98,000. illegal entries into the country with approx. 92 thousand throughout 2022. German police have so far recorded 1,550 smuggling operations and detained approximately 1.7 thousand. smugglers throughout the country. Smuggling in containers is particularly dangerous and poses a threat to people’s lives. The German police concluded that smugglers are acting with increasing ruthlessness and brutality.

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