Collision at Chopin Airport involving a LOT Dreamliner

Collision at Chopin Airport involving a LOT Dreamliner

An unusual collision occurred at Warsaw Chopin Airport. A Dreamliner belonging to LOT Polish Airlines was damaged.

The incident took place on Thursday, June 27, just before 8 p.m. The employees one of the Ground Handling Agents (so-called AON) were preparing a plane belonging to LOT Polish Airlines for departure to the capital of Japan – Tokyo. The Dreamliner, which had returned from Mumbai the day before, was being towed from the hangars to the terminal to take passengers on an evening flight to Asia.

An unusual collision at Chopin Airport

According to TVN Warszawa, a collision occurred during these preparations. The LOT Polish Airlines aircraft was damaged by the passenger bridge. The accident occurred during the aircraft’s towing. According to unofficial reports, the aircraft will not be able to depart because the left engine cover was seriously damaged. It is not yet known what caused the collision. It is possible that the tow truck driver made a mistake when determining the distance.

LOT spokesman reassures passengers

A spokesman for LOT Polish Airlines confirmed that the incident described above did indeed occur at the capital airport. = While towing a Boeing 787 aircraft, registration number SP-LRC, to the parking stand, the engine nacelle came into contact with the passenger bridge – described Krzysztof Moczulski. The spokesman added that after the procedure was completed, the aircraft would be handed over to technical services to verify the damage and perform repairs.

He also assured that passengers who have purchased tickets for the 22:50 flight to Tokyo have no reason to worry. The spokesman emphasized that the carrier has another plane that can fly to the capital of Japan.

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