Here in Warsaw you will find roof gardens. They were opened after a long break

Here in Warsaw you will find roof gardens.  They were opened after a long break

“The gardens are already open” – this is the message shared with Internet users by representatives of Galeria Północna in Warsaw. There we will see beautiful flowers and take advantage of interesting attractions.

Gardens created on the roofs of buildings are magical and can look very different. The one available at the University of Warsaw Library is considered one of the most popular in Poland – it includes, among others: famous viewpoint. However, this is not the only place of this type in the capital of our country. Tourists can also visit Galeria Północna. At the very top there is a unique space, and you don't have to pay anything to enter.

Gardens on the roof of Galeria Północna

The gardens on the roof of Galeria Północna in Warsaw are open only in the spring and summer season. The new opening took place quite recently and some people still do not know that they can already be visited. Are you planning an interesting bicycle trip or maybe shopping in the city center? It is worth including this point in your short city trip plan.

To reach the roof with gardens in Galeria Północna, go to the 2nd floor. This is where we will see a rather large and transparent revolving door, and behind it the entrance to the “little paradise”. The green roof takes up approximately 5,000 square meters. m2 and is a unique space on a nationwide scale. Importantly, it was created to meet ecological standards. According to information provided by gallery representatives, the plant roof captures dust polluting the atmosphere and processes CO2 into clean oxygen, improving the air quality in the area. It also collects rainwater used to water the rich plantings.

Gardens on the roof of Galeria Północna. You will find these attractions here

“Relax in the green space on the roof. Everyone will find something for themselves here – playgrounds, a restaurant, a cafe, a brine graduation tower – these are the attractions that encourage visitors to visit. As the new opening is behind us, the place looks different again than usual. New arrangements are created there every year and the infrastructure is gradually developed. Currently, the entire space is planted with colorful plants, and one of the important points is still a large brine graduation tower. We will also see unusual murals there and find places to enjoy meals.

Photos of the gardens in Galeria Północna can be seen, among others, on the facility's home page, but also on social media. In one of the videos posted on YouTube, we see what the space looked like a year ago. Would you like to go for a walk there?

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