Poles are booking apartments en masse. The reason is the new program

Holes in the ground are already sold or reserved.  Customers are looking for apartment plans to buy their dream "M"

Less than a month after the presentation of the new “Na start” housing program, Poles began to buy apartments en masse – writes “Rzeczpospolita”. They are afraid of a repeat of the “Safe 2% loan”, which significantly increased housing prices.

Next week it will be a month since the Ministry of Development and Technology presented the assumptions of the new “Na start” housing program. According to “Rzeczpospolita”, Poles are afraid of a repeat of the “Safe 2% loan”, which significantly increased apartment prices and quickly abandoned to reserve premises.

Be on time before “Start”

Otodom Analytics data quoted by the newspaper shows that in mid-April in the seven largest markets of the so-called the average daily booking rate for new apartments was 140, while in the first three months of this year it was an average of 90–100. (Otodom converts the number of reservations into the number of days on which sales are possible in a given period). – We recorded results comparable to those recorded in mid-April at the beginning of 2021 – emphasizes Katarzyna Kuniewicz, an Otodom Analytics expert, quoted by the newspaper.

This high level of bookings was accompanied by high sales at that time. In the first half of 2021, 33.5 thousand were sold. apartments.

Kuniewicz estimates that the large number of reservations may be a reaction to the announcement of a new housing program. – But not every reservation means a sale, some of the reserved premises are back on offer – points out the expert.

Agnieszka Mikulska, a CBRE expert, also notes the several dozen percent increase in the number of reservations after the presentation of the “Na start” program project. – This is a signal that the new program has the potential to have a strong impact on the market. For now, it is difficult to say whether reservations are made by people counting on a cheap loan, or rather by people who are afraid of a repeat of last year and want to make the purchase before the next market turmoil – says Mikulska.

Average price of apartments

Otodom Analytics data indicate that the average price of apartments booked in the previous month in Warsaw is PLN 949,000. PLN (average area – 55 sq m), in Krakow it is PLN 815,000. PLN (54 sq m), and in Tricity – PLN 769,000. PLN (57 sq m).

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