Another scandal in Szymon Hołownia’s party. “People without proper moral qualifications”

Hołownia will refund 800+?  “We'll have to think about it.”

Aleksander Twardowski is leaving Poland 2050. The Wrocław activist has attacked the local party authorities. “People without proper moral qualifications and competences” – he assessed them in an extensive entry.

“Today I resigned from membership in Poland 2050,” said Aleksander Twardowski, an activist from Wrocław, on Monday, June 24. He attached the content of a letter sent to the party authorities to the post published on Facebook.

Aleksander Twardowski leaves Poland 2050

Twardowski said he joined the group because he wanted to support his wife in the election campaign for the provincial assembly. He stressed that she was “deceived by the local party authorities, cut off from information and publicly insulted on party discussion groups”, and the complaints he filed in this matter, including to the party court, have not been considered to this day.

“The structures of Poland 2050 in Lower Silesia, full of hard-working and honest people, are managed, especially in Wrocław, by people without the proper moral qualifications and competences. They manage in a pathological way,” the activist added. He noted that among them are people with final convictions for fiscal offences, as well as people violating the party’s statute.

Wrocław. Scandal in Szymon Hołownia’s party

“I believe that these people in Lower Silesia hold positions in the party solely for their own interests and the interests of their own friendly and business relationships,” Twardowski assessed. As an example of such actions, he mentioned the official reason for his departure from Poland 2050 – the creation of a coalition in the regional council with the Non-Party Local Government Officials.

The activist stressed that the party’s board received information from him about his planned resignation before the European Parliament elections, assuring that the decision was not dictated by the unsatisfactory result of Trzeci Droga. He admitted that the most important people in the party asked him to withhold the decision, promising that they would draw consequences, but “nothing like this has happened to this day.”

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