Donald Tusk boasts of success. PiS convinces – this is Mateusz Morawiecki’s achievement

Donald Tusk boasts of success.  PiS convinces – this is Mateusz Morawiecki's achievement

Donald Tusk boasted about the money from KPO. PiS argues that the application was submitted and the decision to launch it was made during the government of Mateusz Morawiecki.

“Our money has finally started! Good morning, PLN 22 billion, this year! An application for another 30 has already been submitted. To be continued,” wrote Donald Tusk on social media. The Prime Minister responded to, among others, Witold Zembaczyński. “This is called effectiveness,” commented a politician from the Civic Coalition.

Oskar Szafarowicz to Donald Tusk. He asked about milestones

The Prime Minister was also accosted by Oskar Szafarowicz. “How many milestones has your government achieved in two days?” – asked the young PiS activist. In the next entry, Szafarowicz explained that “the final, modified application for a KPO for a total amount of EUR 59.82 billion (EUR 34.5 billion of classic loans + EUR 25.3 billion of ‘grants’, repaid as a joint loan) by the Polish government under the leadership of Mateusz Morawiecki submitted on August 31, 2023.

The young PiS activist continued that the European Commission accepted the Polish National Reconstruction Plan in its entirety on November 21. “The decision to launch the KPO, including the EUR 5.1 billion advance payment from the REPowerUE package for climate policy, was made by the Council of the EU (ECOFIN Council) at its meeting on December 8, 2023.” – Szafarowicz continued. The young Law activist summarized that the Polish National Reconstruction Plan was launched and intended to be disbursed during the rule of the United Right.

Szymon Szynkowski a.k.a. Sęk about funds from the KPO

The entries of the former Minister of Foreign Affairs were in a similar tone. Szymon Szynkowski vel Sęk pointed out that the application for the payment of an advance payment from the KPO was submitted by Minister Grzegorz Puda, and the decision was made at the Ecofin Council with the participation of Minister of Finance Andrzej Kolorowniak. “The fact that a decision is being made on this matter today is a simple lie,” he said, referring to the recording with Piotr Serafin.

“Exactly as I predicted. Tusk boasts about the decisions that were made in the weeks preceding his rule (finally on December 9), as a result of an application submitted in August this year. There has been talk about accepting advance payments for a long time. Regarding the so-called Unfortunately, there is no progress in the main part of the KPO today,” the former head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reacted directly to the Prime Minister’s entry.

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