He was supposed to play in China, he will go to PlusLiga. The loud return of the American star

He was supposed to play in China, he will go to PlusLiga.  The loud return of the American star

Projekt Warszawa has to face big problems in the midfield. Therefore, they had to go to the transfer market again. They have just brought in a former PlusLiga star, who was originally supposed to play this season in China.

Projekt Warszawa was one of the revelations of the previous PlusLiga season. After a terrible start and a change of coach, a phenomenal series of victories in a row followed. Grupa Azoty ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Koźle struggled with Piotr Graban’s team for a long time to advance to the semi-finals. Despite early elimination, the club from the capital can count on playing in European cups this season.

The American star returns to PlusLiga

However, coach Graban has had a big problem with the health of the central players since the beginning of the season. Srećko Lisinac joined the club right after major surgery. Another veteran, Piotr Nowakowski, suffers from health problems. This means that the coach has so far had Jakub Kowalczyk, Jurij Semeniuk and Andrzej Wrona in this position.

The inhabitants of Warsaw are preparing for the inauguration of the Challenge Cup. Therefore, they went on a transfer hunt. Taylor Averill will join the club straight from China. The club’s official media announced the signing of a contract with the United States representative. A few days ago, the American terminated his contract with Shanghai Bright, where he was to play with, among others, Michał Kubiak and Aleksnadar Atanasijevic.

– There was an opportunity to acquire Taylor Averill on the market, which we took advantage of and it is a sign that shows that we are serious about this season. Our current position in the table makes us optimistic, but we want to have a complete team due to the injuries of our two centers, to maintain the intensity and high level during training and during meetings – said the vice-president and sports director of the Project Piotr Gacek to the club’s official media.

Taylor Averill’s volleyball career

After playing in the NCAA, Taylor Averill went to Padua, Italy, where he spent two years. Then he competed for Power Volley Milan, Chaumont VB 52 and AS Cannes. In 2021, he joined Indykpol AZS Olsztyn, where he became known as one of the leading midfielders.

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