A phenomenal performance by Aleksandra Mirosław. A Polish woman with a world record and Olympic qualification

A phenomenal performance by Aleksandra Mirosław.  A Polish woman with a world record and Olympic qualification

For many Polish athletes, 2023 is a season full of opportunities to gain Olympic qualifications. Next year, the best athletes in the world will compete for medals at the Olympic Games in Paris. This group includes Aleksandra Mirosław, who can train with great relief. She has just qualified for next year’s competition in the French capital.

Polish athletes have to strive harder and harder to qualify for the Olympics. As time goes on, the number of available spots in their competitions will decrease. In many disciplines, all kinds of championships are a chance to get tickets to Paris. Olympic qualifications are also organized, as we can see in the example of volleyball. Aleksandra Mirosław can now prepare with relief to fight for a medal.

Aleksandra Mirosław won the Olympic qualifications in Rome

The Polish representative of sport climbing did not immediately qualify for the Olympics. Although a ticket to the Olympics seemed obvious for one of the best players in recent years in the world, it had to wait until the qualifying tournament held in Rome. The morning session already showed that Mirosław is in phenomenal shape and only misfortune could deprive her of her success. The Pole set a new world record by overcoming the wall in 6.24 seconds. The previous best result was also hers and was only 0.01 s worse.

In the final session, the Pole did not give her rivals a chance. She defeated everyone, finishing in first place. The victory in the Roman qualifications gave her the long-awaited ticket to the Olympics. “Thank you for your support, it’s a beautiful evening for me…” wrote Mirosław on Twitter after the end of the competition in the capital of Italy. Considering the fact that she is one of the world’s top athletes, she can certainly be considered one of the greatest medal hopes.

Marcin Dzieński was also close to qualifying. The Polish representative surprised the fans by reaching the final, but ultimately had to accept the superiority of the French representative, Bassa Mawemov.

Aleksandra Mirosław will fight for the Olympic medal

The Olympic Games in Paris are scheduled for July 26 – August 11, 2024. Mirosław will be one of 14 representatives in the women’s sport climbing competition.

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