He was a close associate of Andrzej Duda. Jakub Kumoch is the ambassador of the Republic of Poland in China

He was a close associate of Andrzej Duda.  Jakub Kumoch is the ambassador of the Republic of Poland in China

At the beginning of the year, Jakub Kumoch ended his cooperation with Andrzej Duda. Now he has shared information about his new feature. I will do my best to meet it,” he assured.

The former head of the president’s Office of International Policy resigned in January 2023. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs had already been probing the possibility of nominating a close associate of Andrzej Duda as ambassador to Germany, Israel or Ukraine. The politician emphasized that he left the post at his own request and with the full consent of Andrzej Duda. He mentioned primarily personal reasons.

Poland has a new ambassador to China

“Supporting Poland in the first months of the war and participating in shaping Polish-Ukrainian relations was an honor for me. Unfortunately, the family situation and permanent separation from my loved ones turned out to be an insurmountable issue for me and my children. I failed to solve it and had to make a choice between my current duty to the state and being a father. I trust that I made the right choice,” said Jakub Kumoch at the time.

On Friday, August 18, he announced that he had been nominated for the position of the Polish ambassador to China. “I would like to thank President Andrzej Duda, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Zbigniew Rau and the members of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Sejm for their trust. I will do everything to meet it” – assured Kumoch.

Jakub Kumoch with a new function. Who is the new Polish ambassador to China?

Jakub Kumoch is an orientalist and political scientist, an expert on the external relations of the European Union. He is a graduate of the Institute of International Relations and the Institute of Oriental Studies at the University of Warsaw, in 2015 he obtained a PhD degree in social sciences at the Jagiellonian University. He worked, among others as an analyst at the Center for Eastern Studies and the Polish Institute of International Affairs, he was also a collaborator of the Sobieski Institute.

Kumoch was also a correspondent of the Polish Press Agency in Russia, and later, among others, Deputy Head of the Foreign Department and Head of the Domestic Department of Dziennik. He belongs to the group of experts of the European Commission dealing with the analysis of electoral processes and has participated in several EU and OSCE Election Observation Missions.

He was the Polish Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, where he contributed to the discovery of Aleksander Ładoś’s group and the fact that Polish diplomacy was rescuing Jews from the Holocaust on a mass scale. He is fluent in Turkish, English, French, Croatian, Spanish, Russian, German and Italian. It also uses, to a lesser extent, Ukrainian and Arabic.

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