Obajtek: I am in favor of helping Poles, but not at the expense of one national champion

Obajtek: I am in favor of helping Poles, but not at the expense of one national champion

The new government envisages charging Orlen PLN 15 billion to finance the costs of the energy shield, i.e. further freezing of energy prices. President Daniel Obajtek commented on the matter.

The Wysokie Voltage portal reported that the parliamentary majority, and soon also the new government, may vote to extend the inflation shield, specifically freezing energy prices. According to journalists, the PLN 15 billion that this would cost would be paid by Orlen.

Freezing energy prices

– I am in favor of helping Poles and freezing prices, but this cannot be done at the expense of one national champion. We have many energy companies in Poland, including foreign companies. We cannot burden a company that stabilizes the fuel and energy situation. If this happens, it will affect fuel prices and pensions. The owners of Orlen are not only the state, but also pension funds in which Poles invest money for their future pensions – said the company’s president, Daniel Obajtek, on TVP Info.

– This is very bad for Poland and its credibility. We are building a multi-energy concern that is to carry out an energy transformation costing over PLN 300 billion. This requires the trust of financial institutions. If one company is suddenly charged, it shows that there is no stability in Poland. Nobody will want to talk to or invest in such a company internationally. On the other hand, we will be uncompetitive. If PLN 15 billion disappears from Orlen, we will freeze investments that foreign companies will not freeze – also said the president of Orlen.

PLN 5 billion disappeared from the stock exchange

The information that Orlen would finance further freezing of energy prices had a very negative impact on the capitalization of the company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

– We lost PLN 5 billion in capitalization. Some financial institutions are pulling back. We will not implement our strategy. Would anyone invest in a company from which such funds are taken away under one act? – asked Daniel Obajtek.

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