The government wants to restore trade on Sundays. But do Poles want this?

The government wants to restore trade on Sundays.  But do Poles want this?

One of the election promises of the Civic Coalition was to lift the ban on trading on Sundays. The Third Way was less radical, proposing an increase in the number of Sundays with permitted trade. The question is whether this is what Poles need.

It seems that Poles do not want to increase the number of shopping Sundays. In a survey conducted at the beginning of January, more than half of respondents answered that they were in favor of maintaining the current rules (25% of respondents answered “definitely yes”, and 23% “rather yes”). 37% of respondents would like changes. 16% indicated they had no opinion on this matter. subjects.

Do Poles want to increase the number of shopping Sundays?

The survey clearly shows the influence of respondents’ age on their attitude towards Sunday trading. The youngest of them, aged 18-24, would least like to maintain the status quo in this respect (only 38% answered “definitely yes” or “rather yes”). But already in the older age group 25-34, this rate increases to 54%, exceeding the average. It is clearly visible that the moment of going to work, starting a family and having children changes the perception of respondents.

The place of residence of the respondents also influences their attitude towards maintaining the ban on Sunday trading. Only 28 percent rural residents would like the ban on Sunday trading to be lifted, but as many as 46 percent respondents from cities with over 100,000 inhabitants inhabitants.

The results in individual electorates of political parties are interesting. Among United Right voters, only 13 percent respondents would like to change the applicable rules. At the opposite extreme are the electorate of the Left (66% in favor of changes) and the Civic Coalition (55% in favor of changes). The results of the Third Way and Confederation electorates are close to the average.

What next with shopping Sundays?

The ban on Sunday trading has been in force in Poland since March 2018. In the initial phase, stores were closed only twice a month, but over time, shopping on the last day of the weekend became practically impossible.

Today there are only seven Sundays throughout the year when the trade ban does not apply. If nothing changes on this topic, you will be able to shop on the following dates:

  • January 28

  • March 24

  • April 28

  • June 30

  • August 25

  • December 15

  • December 22.

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