Debate on CPK. Donald Tusk with a sarcastic remark towards PiS projects

Debate on CPK.  Donald Tusk with a sarcastic remark towards PiS projects

The topic of building the Central Communication Port has become one of the main political topics. The two main parties are exchanging malice, and the popular media are debating the matter.

The Central Communication Port, its construction, investment audit and its strategic value for Poland are currently the key topics of political discussion. Interestingly, this also affects public opinion. More and more experts are getting involved, and circles associated with the parliamentary majority are also expressing their support for the project. Channel Zero, one of the most popular channels on YouTube, is organizing a debate on this matter.

Tusk about CPK: The debate about stopping construction is pointless

Prime Minister Donald Tusk referred to the discussion on the potential interruption of the construction of the Central Communication Port on the X portal. The entry included sarcasm towards politicians from Law and Justice and another of the key projects of the previous government, which was also supposed to be strategic and developmental for the Polish economy.

“The debate about stopping the construction of the CPK is pointless. PiS has not even started this construction. You might as well argue about the quality of Izera electric cars. – wrote Prime Minister Donald Tusk on the X website.

Let us recall that very little has happened regarding the construction of the Izera electric car factory. The controversy is mainly caused by the fact that huge tracts of forest were cut down for the construction of the facility, and construction has not started.

Yes for CPK

In recent days, the Internet has been flooded with photos with the words “Yes for CPK”. This is an action that was joined en masse by Law and Justice politicians and supporters of the opposition party. In the atmosphere of promoting the campaign, Michał Dworczyk also responded to Prime Minister Tusk.

Any projects beneficial to Poland are “meaningless” to the current government. Extremely harmful, anti-state message. That’s why we constantly say out loud: #YesForCPK#YesForAtom#YesForDevelopment – Michał Dworczyk from PiS replied via the same portal.

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