Robert Lewandowski surprised after the match against the Czech Republic. He pointed out the positives of the Poles’ play

Robert Lewandowski surprised after the match against the Czech Republic.  He pointed out the positives of the Poles' play

The Polish national team drew with the Czech Republic 1-1, which prevented them from directly qualifying for Euro 2024. Right after the match, Robert Lewandowski summarized the course of the match, but also of the entire qualifying round. According to the captain of the White and Reds, everything is heading in the right direction.

The Reds and Whites do not lose hope and although they cannot directly advance from the group to Euro 2024, they still have to fight in the play-offs. Robert Lewandowski has no doubt that the team has failed, but he sees several elements that are working better and better in the Poles’ game.

Robert Lewandowski eloquently summarized the match against the Czech Republic

Immediately after the end of the match against the Czechs, the captain of the Polish national team said that although there was no victory, the match could be considered positive. He pointed out what elements in the White and Reds’ game have improved.

– You could say that today we tried to use something that had not been working since the beginning of the qualifying round. A lot of things looked weak and today’s match was one where we tried to take a step forward after what we showed in these qualifiers and improve our game, but also try to build up for these play-offs. There were positives in the game. In the penalty area and in the final phase, there was no last pass, or finding free space and taking a shot at goal from a distance, or even a throw-in. We will analyze these elements and try to improve them. But as I say, many positives were visible, including how we wanted to create positions, play from one side to the other and switch from defense to offense. This is football and you can’t change it from match to match, but I think we are heading in the right direction, said Robert Lewandowski in a conversation with journalists.

“The whole qualifying round was very bad.”

Despite his positive view of the match against the Czech Republic, Robert Lewandowski does not hide his disappointment with the course of the Euro 2024 qualifiers. In his opinion, the Poles have made a step forward, thanks to which he is convinced that victories will come sooner or later.

– I would find a few moments where after the match or before the match we thought there was no chance. It wasn’t just one match, but a couple where we lost points and lost, so the whole qualifying round was very bad for us. You have to be objective. At the end you think that on the one hand you want to get back on track, on the other hand you know that the eliminations are still going on. It seems to me that if we had played them differently, we would have won today, but I also believe that we should go in this direction and winning matches will come. A match like today’s before the next matches is a good step before the new year and the next hand – added the captain of the Polish national team.

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