Sales of luxury TVs have increased in Poland

Sales of luxury TVs have increased in Poland

Samsung has once again proven that it is unrivaled in the category of TVs with the highest resolution and image quality. In 2023 in Poland, the Neo QLED Excellence Line series became the undisputed sales leader among 8K resolution TVs, recording a significant increase both in quantity and value.

Poles are increasingly willing to choose the most advanced Samsung TVs, which provide an absolutely unique experience thanks to the detailed image, powerful sound and minimalist design.

According to internal data, Samsung sold almost half as many TVs with 8K resolution in 2023 than last year. Thus, it achieved 47% growth in terms of quantity and 46% growth in terms of value. This top, most technologically advanced series includes three models QN900C, QN800C and QN700C, available in screen diagonals from 55 to 85 inches.

Models with a diagonal of 65″ were most frequently purchased – they accounted for as much as 64% of all sales. Interestingly, the data shows that larger diagonals, such as 75″, are more popular among consumers than their smaller 55″ counterparts, and this trend has been continuing since 2022.

Samsung Neo QLED Excellence Line is synonymous with luxury

Neo QLED Excellence Line are the best, most advanced Samsung TVs, aimed at the most demanding consumers. They offer everything that a TV should have, which today and in a few years will satisfy its owners with excellent image quality – regardless of whether we are watching a dark crime series, a science fiction movie or a football match. The image will be clear and detailed.

The top representative of the Excellence Line Neo QLED TV family, the QN900C model features advanced Quantum Mini LED display technology with a 14-bit luminance scale, which makes the screen backlight controlled more precisely than ever.

Thanks to it, you can enjoy viewing sessions enriched with previously imperceptible details. Regardless of whether we are watching a tennis match during the day or a night chase in an action movie, the image will be equally expressive and full of details.

Another important feature of these TVs is the ability to completely immerse yourself in the film reality. True cinema connoisseurs will appreciate the upscaling mechanism, thanks to which older films will gain more details and more vivid colors. The Excellence Line NEO QLED – QN900C, QN800C TVs use an extremely efficient Quantum 8K AI Neural Processor, which increases the possibilities of upscaling the image to a quality as close to 8K as possible. This process is based on as many as 64 multi-model neural networks (in the previous generation there were 20). Additionally, the Excellence Line QN900C model offers 144 Hz refresh rate.

Neo QLED Excellence Line TVs also make no compromises in terms of sound quality. In the case of the QN900C model, Dolby Atmos® (6.2.4CH) will provide an unforgettable sound experience. It works with the TV's twelve built-in speakers and creates a realistic, multi-dimensional sound experience that will take you straight to the stage and right into the action.

As befits the best Samsung TVs, they also stand out for their extremely slim and well-thought-out design. The characteristic feature of the highest representative of this series – the QN900C model – is the Borderless Screen, i.e. virtually invisible edges and an elegant, extremely slim screen frame. The minimalist design ensures maximum visual impressions and looks beautiful from every angle.

In turn, the One Connect Pro Module is an external module that allows you to discreetly hide cables and freely arrange the space.

Comfort and safety

The Neo QLED Excellence Line series also offers excellent service quality. The improved Smart Hub, a kind of control center, gives access to a variety of applications, and the ease of connection with mobile devices allows you to seamlessly combine time for entertainment and work. From the convenient menu, viewers have access to over 500 Polish-language applications, such as Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, and CANAL+.

In turn, the built-in SmartThings Hub allows you to manage home devices without additional external modules. When it comes to viewing and managing compatible products, one SmartThings application is enough. Thanks to it, you can even receive information on the large TV screen whether the washing has finished.

In addition, Neo QLED Excellence Line TVs are among the safest in the world. They use the Samsung Knox system, which is designed to protect personal data, PIN codes and passwords. This is a proven solution, certified, among others, by various government agencies. Samsung Smart TVs are also the first solution in the industry to be certified several times in a row for compliance with Common Criteria (CC), considered the mandatory computer security certification system in the world.

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