The plane had to return to Chopin airport. MEP Czarnecki was on board

The plane had to return to Chopin airport.  MEP Czarnecki was on board

A Lufthansa passenger plane had to turn around and land at the Warsaw airport. There may be an engine failure.

The plane heading from Warsaw to Munich was extremely unlucky. The flight itself started with a delay, and just a few minutes after take-off it was interrupted by the captain’s decision. He was supposed to inform passengers that it was an engine problem and due to a failure they should prepare to land at Chopin airport.

The plane carrying Ryszard Czarnecki was returning to the airport

The machine turned around near Skierniewice. This is clearly visible on websites tracking her flight, such as: FlightRadar. Polish Airports said in an interview with Wirtualna Polska that the plane turned back, but “Lufthansa did not report an emergency landing.” There was no need to involve the emergency services. The carrier did not respond to attempts to contact WP.

However, it turned out that MEP Ryszard Czarnecki from PiS was on the plane to Munich. He reported his experiences on Twitter (X) in several entries. “It’s good that it ended like this: the LH plane from Warsaw to Munich lost one engine right after take-off, it quickly dumped fuel and your pilot landed safely with us at Okęcie. Phew!” – he reported.

Czarnecki: My shortest flight to Germany and back

“My shortest flight to Germany via (over) Skierniewice and back to Warsaw. All’s well that ends well,” he concluded in a second tweet. The “old Polish aviation wish” for the same number of landings as take-offs “suddenly takes on a specific meaning,” he added in the third one.

In a conversation with journalists, he also talked about what was happening inside the machine. – The pilot said it was an engine problem. There was an audible sound as if something had broken, he said, reporting the situation. The plane (flight number LH 1613) was scheduled to land in Munich at 14:40.

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