Michał Szczerba lost in the electoral process. He must apologize

Michał Szczerba lost in the electoral process.  He must apologize

KO MP Michał Szczerba was obliged by the court to apologize to the Non-Party Local Government Members. The incorrect statement concerned subsidies for the committee.

The Nonpartisan Local Government Committee informed about the decision of the District Court in Legnica.

“The verdict for Michał Szczerba, who lied about us in a Radio Zet broadcast, has become final,” the group wrote. “In the statement, the MP is to write, among other things: “I, Michał Szczerba (…) apologize to the Nonpartisan Self-Government Committee…” – they added. It was about false information that Mateusz Leszek Feszler was the candidate of Non-Party.

A final decision regarding Szczerba’s statement

“I, Michał Szczerba, Member of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland (…) apologize to the Election Committee of the Non-Party Local Government Workers for the fact that on September 12, 2023 (…) I provided false information that Mateusz Leszek Felszer is the candidate of the Non-Party Local Government Workers, as a result of which I unjustifiably “I linked the grant received by the foundation managed by Mr. Feszler with the campaign activities of Nonpartisan Local Government People,” reads a fragment of the resolution posted by the Committee on Twitter.

The MP should publish an apology and correction of false information in the Radio Zet Afternoon Guest program. In an interview with “Fakt”, Szczerba said that he was not notified about the hearing and was abroad during it. That’s why he filed an appeal.

The PO leader won against the party

In the electoral process, the party was won by PO leader Donald Tusk. The decision was also issued by the District Court in Legnica.

Robert Kropiwnicki announced the finalization of the case on Wednesday. “The non-party application was dismissed, Donald Tusk won the trial in Legnica. Hearty congratulations! We won today, we will win on October 15, 2023!” – he emphasized. “Donald Tusk’s victory in the electoral mode against the Nonpartisan Self-Government Committee. It can be said that Bezpartyjni are PiS’s sidekick and Kaczyński’s helpers. So yeah. All these non-partisans are candidates of the political party committee,” wrote Wioletta Paprocka, head of the Civic Coalition campaign.

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