Tusk talked about “removing Glapiński from the NBP.” Domański: I would be very far from it

Tusk talked about "removing Glapiński from the NBP."  Domański: I would be very far from it

What about Donald Tusk’s plans to “take Glapiński out of the NBP”? The statement has already been corrected, but Andrzej Domański from PO commented on it again.

In 2022, the chairman of the Civic Platform, Donald Tusk, said that after winning the elections “will take Glapiński out of NBP”. – Adam Glapiński is not only incompetent, not only indecent in what he does. Adam Glapiński is also illegal. He will not be the president of the National Bank of Poland a day longer. There will be no need for a law – argued the PO leader at a meeting with supporters.

These words follow Donald Tusk to this day and are often recalled, especially in the context of the fact that it is the so-called democratic opposition that has the greatest chance of forming a new government. Many experts were outraged by the way the matter was presented by the leader of the party that carried the fight for the rule of law on its banner.

“Elevating Glapiński from the NBP” no longer valid?

More than a year has passed since that statement, and in the meantime, both Civic Platform politicians and its leader himself have tried to soften it several times. Andrzej Domański, who was unofficially being considered for the position of Minister of Finance, was also asked about it on Radio Zet. He is Donald Tusk’s economic advisor and co-author of the list of 100 specifics for the first 100 days of PO’s rule.

– President Glapiński is not fulfilling his mandate. This is clear to all economists. His decisions are often politicized, but we also know that his term of office is very strongly embedded in the legal order – Andrzej Domański said on Radio Zet.

– As we said during the election campaign, we will check the procedure for appointing the president, but I would be very far from dismissing the president of the NBP only for very stupid statements made during the president’s conferences. Recently, we have seen an escalation of the fantasy of President Glapiński, who attacked independent analysts – added.

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