The American giant invests in Poland. A new factory will be built

The American giant invests in Poland.  A new factory will be built

Philip Morris International announced a new investment in Poland exceeding PLN 1 billion. A tobacco stick factory will be built in Krakow.

The American tobacco giant Philip Morris will open a new tobacco stick factory in Krakow. It will produce cartridges for IQOS devices, which are currently one of the most important parts of the company’s business.

New factory in Poland

“Poland has always played a strategic role for us. Since 1996, we have invested nearly PLN 25.5 billion on the Vistula River. These investments include, among others: our factory in Krakow and its constant modernization, as well as the development of our Krakow center providing business services for many markets. Today I am honored to announce that Philip Morris International has decided on a new investment. We want the production of the new generation of heating tobacco sticks, including IQOS Iluma sticks, to take place in our factory in Krakow, which is already one of the largest in the world. We estimate that this investment of over PLN 1 billion will create many new, highly specialized jobs,” said Michał Mierzejewski, president of Philip Morris International for North-Eastern Europe, quoted in the release.

The announcement also announced that Philip Morris Polska Distribution, a subsidiary of Philip Morris International Inc., has introduced the latest generation of innovative IQOS tobacco heating systems from the IQOS Iluma series for sale in Poland, debuting in three versions: IQOS Iluma, IQOS Iluma One and IQOS Iluma Prime.

Tobacco sticks

The IQOS Iluma series devices feature the Smartcore Induction System technology for the first time, which heats tobacco without burning it by induction and from the inside: without a heating blade, without smoke, without ash and without the need to clean the device from tobacco residues. These are the only devices in the tobacco heater segment in the world equipped with such a solution. New tobacco inserts have been designed for them, dedicated to the IQOS Iluma series.

Philip Morris Polska is the largest tobacco company in Poland and one of the largest employers, employing approximately 7,000 people throughout the country.

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