Gigantic money from the TV contract. Over PLN 200 million for Polish clubs

Gigantic money from the TV contract.  Over PLN 200 million for Polish clubs

On Monday, Speedway Ekstraliga announced that the best speedway league in the world will continue to be shown on Canal+ in 2026-2028. The station authorities had to spend a lot of money.

You could say that Canal+ is the home of speedway. This is where Polish league matches are shown, including PGE Ekstraliga. As of Monday, we already know that this will not change in 2026-2028. Speedway Ekstraliga has officially issued an official announcement on this matter. Mateusz Puka from WP SportoweFakty informed on the X platform how much Canal+ had to pay to show the games. This is a large sum of money.

Over PLN 200 million is to go to clubs

“PGE Ekstraliga signed a new television contract with Canal+ (2026-2028) for the amount of PLN 71.5 million per year. In total, the new contract is worth PLN 214.5 million. This is PLN 11 million more per year than before,” Puka informed on the X platform.

Of course, the new contract is record-breaking and shows that only football can equal speedway in Poland in terms of contract amounts. Television stations are fighting to show black sport because it is watched by a lot of fans on TV.

Therefore, there was no shortage of people willing to broadcast PGE Ekstraliga matches. Apart from Canal+, Discovery certainly entered the auction. This is a group that already shows the Grand Prix series, and the Polish league would certainly strengthen its offer. Ultimately, however, no change took place.

Will Eleven Sports receive a sublicense?

In recent years, it has become a regular practice that two Sunday matches of the PGE Ekstraliga were shown on Canal+ channels, and the Friday opening matches were transferred to the Eleven Sports account, which obtained a sublicense to broadcast the matches on its channels. A scenario in which the same scheme will operate in 2026-2028 cannot be ruled out.

The upcoming season will start on April 12. Orlen Oil Motor Lublin defends the championship title.

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