Tomasz Adamek vs. Mamed Khalidow? Mateusz Borek explains the matter

Tomasz Adamek vs. Mamed Khalidow?  Mateusz Borek explains the matter

Tomasz Adamek returns to the fight. It is true that he will not appear in the boxing ring, but he will cross gloves again. The former world champion was persuaded to return by entering the Fame MMA octagon. The list of potential candidates quickly expanded. Mateusz Borek, who helps “Góral” in his return, reacts to information about the fight with Mamed Khalidov.

Freak fight federations are trying to outdo each other with the next big names that will enter the cage. Particular attention is paid to athletes who have not previously been involved in mixed martial arts and are now trying to face a new challenge. This also happened in the case of Piotr Lisek. The pole vaulter, who recently competed at the World Athletics Championships in Budapest, won the fight at Fame Friday Arena 2 against Dariusz “Daro Lw” Kaźmierczuk.

Mateusz Borek reacts to rumors about Adamek

An unexpected guest appeared at the same gala. Tomasz Adamek greeted the fans and was announced as a new player of the Fame MMA federation. The boxer surprised all fans because in the past he often said that he would not stoop to freak fights. Now he said that money and the fact that he would not fight in MMA but in boxing convinced him to return to fighting.

Immediately after the announcement of Adamek’s contract, an exchange of names of potential rivals of “Góral” began. The name of Mamed Khalidov, a Polish MMA legend who has been associated with KSW for over a dozen years, quickly appeared. The fighter from Chechnya fought his last fight in June, winning against Scott Askham. This was the third fight between the Polish representative and the Englishman.

Mateusz Borek decided to react to the rumors about the Khalidov-Adamek fight. A journalist who is closely associated with combat sports, on behalf of Adamek (he helps him return to competition), said that the information about the fight between the two men this year is nonsense. “There is no fight in November. 2024. Opponent unknown,” Borek wrote on Twitter.

Tomasz Adamek’s career

Tomasz Adamek is a former IBF and IBO world champion in the cruiserweight division and the WBC light heavyweight champion. In addition, he fought with Vitali Klitschko for the heavyweight world champion belt. The last fight of “Góral z Żywiec” was in November 2018, losing to Jarell Miller.

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