Maciej Lasek on the future of CPK. Military component and 60 million passengers per year

Maciej Lasek on the future of CPK.  Military component and 60 million passengers per year

Maciej Lasek revealed new plans for the Central Communication Port, responding to controversies and preparing for future challenges.

Maciej Lasek, the government’s plenipotentiary for the Central Communication Port, presented the changes in the government’s approach to the project in today’s speech. The CPK project, which is to be one of the largest in Europe, has stirred up a lot of emotions from the very beginning, especially due to its huge scope and potential impact on the economy and the environment.

Lasek emphasized that Warsaw Chopin Airport now plays a key role in the success strategy of the future CPK in Baranów. “This is a potential for the future CPK” – he said, despite Donald Tusk’s previous objections to construction in this location. Tusk argued that the location in Baranów was suboptimal and too expensive, which was met with mixed reactions from the public and experts.

Expansion and potential of CPK

Lasek noted that the current plan envisages serving 34 million passengers annually, with the possibility of expansion to 60 million passengers. “It’s a prospect of many years, but the aviation industry is full of risks,” he added.

One of the controversial points is the introduction of a military component. Lasek noted that a military zone is planned, but its implementation depends on the decisions and funds of the Ministry of National Defense. The CPK infrastructure will have a “dual use” standard, i.e. both civilian and military. The military component raises concerns among some members of society due to the fact that the presence of the military in such a large airport may become a target in the event of an armed conflict.

The future of Chopin Airport

Lasek assured that the project would be implemented. He emphasized that if the decision was negative, it would be communicated to the public. “Good solutions” are sought for Chopin Airport. “Today it has a completely different function and is the key to the success of the airport in Baranów,” he assessed. Chopin Airport must now adapt to its changing role and new challenges related to the CPK project.

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