A gruesome discovery in a hotel in Bangladesh. A Pole's body was found

A gruesome discovery in a hotel in Bangladesh.  A Pole's body was found

A Polish citizen came to Chittagong to conduct quality control at a clothes factory. Several days later, his body was lying on the floor in a pool of blood.

Tragic reports are coming from South Asia. The body of a 58-year-old Pole was found in one of the hotels in Chittagong, located on the coast of Bangladesh. His body was in a pool of blood, and numerous injuries to the head and other parts of the body indicate that we may be dealing with a brutal murder. The man came from the capital to Chittagong to conduct an inspection at a clothes factory.

Danger in Bangladesh

Bangladesh, although not without unique tourist attractions, is not the safest country to visit. One traveler who managed to visit every country in the world mentions it as one that she would not recommend to tourists. All because of the high rate of violent crime, which the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs also warns about. “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against non-essential travel to the border with Myanmar and India in the eastern part of Chittagong Province. In the remaining territory of Bangladesh, including the capital, Dhaka, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends extreme caution,” the statement reads. It was to Chittagong that 58-year-old Zdzisław arrived on February 24 to carry out an inspection at a local clothing factory.

Pole found dead in a hotel

The body was discovered in early March. The dead man of Polish citizenship was found by hotel staff who were alerted by a Polish co-worker and were horrified by the gruesome discovery. The 58-year-old was lying in a pool of blood and there were numerous injuries on his body and head. As the police pointed out, in this situation we may be dealing with a brutal murder. “The body was shifted to Chattogram Medical College Hospital for post-mortem,” it said.

The man stayed at The Peninsula Chittagong hotel of the Chinese CTG group. The Pole lived in Dhaka, where he was a quality control inspector. He went on a business trip to Chittagong and was supposed to inspect one of the local clothing factories. Bangladesh is one of the largest exporters of clothes in the world. Unfortunately, the realities of work here differ from basic standards. Factories employ children, offer extremely low wages and terrible sanitary conditions. The most popular chain clothing brands have their production lines in this country.

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