The Left MP got into a discussion with the highlanders. “Your tradition is costumes, not tiring horses”

The Left MP got into a discussion with the highlanders.  "Your tradition is costumes, not tiring horses"

Łukasz Litewka suggested to the highlanders an alternative way of transporting tourists to Morskie Oko. He said that instead of horses they could use melexes. Some carriers ridiculed the idea of ​​the New Left MP.

Łukasz Litewka started the fight for horses that take tourists to Morskie Oko. The MP of the New Left submitted a request to test melexes, which in his opinion could replace animals in this role.

Meleks instead of horses? The idea of ​​a New Left MP

A few days ago, an entry appeared on the politician's social media profile in which he informed about planned actions to limit horse transport. Among his ideas, he mentioned replacing animal-powered vehicles with electric melexes. Litewka decided to prove that the machine would also work in mountain conditions.

For this purpose, he applied to the Tatra National Park for permission to carry out tests. He announced that if the project is approved, he will commission the construction of a special vehicle himself, buy it to check its effectiveness, and then hand it over. The director of the national park, Szymon Ziobrowski, has already given his consent to test the electric vehicles. However, the politician is still waiting for the decision of the Tatra staroste, Andrzej Skupień.

Łukasz Litewka met with the highlanders

Litewka also met with the highlanders on this matter. – If there are no horses, what will happen? – they asked the politician. He assured them that there were alternative solutions. – Personally, I wanted to fund a Melex for you for one zloty – he announced. The MP's proposal was ridiculed by some of his interlocutors. – You can't hear what you're saying. You are missing the purpose of our meeting, our tradition, said one of them.

– Your tradition is beautiful highlander costumes, the mountains, and not tiring horses – replied the politician. His persistence was praised by Deputy Minister of Justice Krzysztof Śmiszek. “This is how you talk to highlanders. Specifically,” he said. The Minister of Climate and Environment, Paulina Henning-Kloska, also decided to take action and scheduled a special meeting on this matter for Friday.

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