Minister Siekierski met with farmers. Proposes a new law and the concept of “active farmer”

Minister Siekierski met with farmers.  Proposes a new law and the concept of "active farmer"

On Saturday, April 27, the Minister of Agriculture, Czesław Siekierski, went to Rzeszów. There, he talked to farmers' representatives about ways to solve their most urgent problems.

Farmers from the Podkarpackie and Lublin voivodeships were invited to the meeting with the minister. The ministry explained this by the fact that both regions were most affected by the inflow of grain and other goods from Ukraine. It was announced that residents of Poland's border regions will be able to count on subsidies from the government aid program.

Minister Siekierski's meeting with farmers

During the meeting, the Minister of Agriculture announced that he would like to review the Green Deal together with farmers. The EU program has been sharply criticized by interested groups for a long time. On Saturday, at the PiS convention, it was announced that this formation would completely block the Green Deal in the European Parliament.

– We also agreed to prepare a systemic solution in various areas of agriculture. This is to be implemented at the central level with the participation of various groups of farmers. For this purpose, inter-ministerial teams must be established, because the problems of agriculture will not be solved only by the Ministry of Agriculture – said the politician in an interview with Radio Lublin.

Act on agricultural lease and “active farmer”

Minister Siekierski also revealed plans to create a new law that would solve the problem of leases and create the concept of an “active farmer”. He emphasized, however, that such a definition cannot be created at someone else's expense, therefore it must be properly thought out.

The politician admitted that the current profitability of agricultural production is “very poor” and also talked to representatives of the profession about this. The debate on this topic was important, especially in the context of the inflow of cheap food from Ukraine. Among the topics discussed were: about the conditions under which farmers from the East could join the European Union.

Representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture assured that in May they would talk to the services about the tightness of the border. All formations responsible for the crossings between Poland and Ukraine will take part in it. We were talking about not only the tightness of the border, but also the tightness of transit.

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