Mukbang, i.e. live eating. A new trend is taking social media by storm

Mukbang, i.e. live eating.  A new trend is taking social media by storm

Earning money by eating food in front of Internet users? Although it seems unlikely, this is the latest trend that is taking over social media. One of the most famous propagators of new fashion is Veronica Wang.

Initially, the so-called mukbang was only popular in Asia. It was in Japan and Korea that the first recordings were made, the authors of which showed on the Internet how to eat fatty and unhealthy foods. The name of the new fashion comes from Korean. The so-called mukbang is a combination of the words meokneun (eat) and bangsong (transmission). Fashion appeared completely by accident. Many young Koreans published videos of everyday life on YouTube. The ones where they ate live in front of the audience were very warmly received by Internet users. The creators decided to follow suit and create videos devoted exclusively to food.

The authors of the videos can eat huge amounts of food during one recording. They often prepare them themselves in advance, but in many cases, vloggers are approached by well-known brands asking to test the dishes they offer live. There is one rule: before you eat, you should zoom in on the dish. Some creators of this type of content have become so popular that access to their videos of them eating food is paid. Many also make money from advertising.

One of the most popular authors of the so-called mukbang is Veronica Wang. Her Instagram profile is followed by over 140,000 Internet users, while her YouTube channel has over 1.19 million subscribers. The 270-year-old from Toronto became popular a few years ago. Initially, however, she gained fame not thanks to the so-called mukbang and the scandal involving her boyfriend. Currently, most of the recordings she publishes are the so-called mukbangs. The vlogger eats various dishes live, including: pizza or burgers without saying a word. Interestingly, despite the huge amount of calories consumed on TV, the 27-year-old can boast of an impeccable figure.

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