TVP mocked the Polish national football team. This compilation explains a lot

TVP mocked the Polish national football team.  This compilation explains a lot

Fifty five. This is how many crosses were included in the recording posted on social media by the TVP Sport account. The moves were made by players of the Polish national team. TVP showed how it was supposed to give Poles – but didn’t – three points.

After the victory over the Faroe Islands (2-0), it seemed that the White and Reds would follow suit and record another victory in the qualifying rounds for the 2024 European Championships. However, the road to the tournament in Germany became much longer on Sunday, October 15. At the packed PGE National Stadium, the Poles only drew (1:1) with Moldova.

A bizarre series of crosses by the White and Reds

TVP decided to present an idea for the Poles’ offensive in Sunday’s key match in order to possibly save what the team had already spoiled under the supervision of Fernando Santos. Already with Michał Probierz on the bench, the Poles tried to find a way to Moldova. It succeeded only once, thanks to Karol Świderski. A reliable player for the Polish offensive, and has been for quite a few years, he scored 1:1.

The hosts did not score more at the PGE Narodowy. And the only thing they tried during most of the offensive attempts in the opponent’s half were the above-mentioned crosses. On social media, on the X portal, TVP Sport presented a compilation of crosses by the Polish team. The counter stopped at 55.

How many of them were actually a real trigger for dangerous action? We will leave it to the readers to judge. Ultimately, this idea did not give the most important thing, i.e. three points.

Two matches of the Polish national team in November

The White and Reds are in a very difficult position in terms of direct promotion to next year’s European Championships. In November, the Poles will play their last competitive match, taking on the Czechs at the PGE National Stadium. They are the runner-up of Group E, with a point advantage over Poland and one match less played. The Poland-Czech Republic match is scheduled for November 17, starting at 8:45 p.m.

In addition to playing in the European Championship 2024 qualifiers, the White and Reds will play one more match. The Poles will close the moderately successful year 2023 with another clash at the PGE National Stadium, where coach Michał Probierz’s team will face the Latvians. The friendly match between Poland and Latvia will take place on November 21, also from 8:45 p.m.

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